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Urban Decay

A Social Media  Marketing Case Study

Urban  Decay provides cosmetic products. The Company offers eye shadows, liners, mascaras, brows, makeup removers, makeup setting sprays, blushes, bronzers, finish and set products, spray moisturizers, concealers, foundation products, and highlighters.


The company needed a blog to drive engagement back to its ecommerce web pages.

Campaign Objective

Urban  Decay already had a Pinterest account with a large number of boards, but it lacked a result-focused strategy. Red Cat saw an opportunity to capture leads with compelling images, something many B2C clients had successfully done on Pinterest in the past. The new strategy would focus on creating boards that engage online customers and establish lifestyle thought leadership instead of just showcasing products.

Method and Execution

    • Use Pinterest to reach new shoppers
    • Hold social contests on Pinterests for commerce
    • Create collaborative boards to increase engagement and authority


Urban Decay started to see immediate results after refocusing its efforts on Pinterest. Three weeks after the first contest launched, Urban Decay had doubled its followers, drove substantial traffic to its contest website landing page, collected contact data from hundreds of qualified leads  and saw time on site quadruple. The majority of this traffic clicked through to product pages, and 10 percent visited the brand’s high-end premium style kits.

Urban Decay continues to see impressive results from Pinterest, with social networks being the source of more than two-thirds visits, and with Pinterest continuing  to be  leading traffic driver.

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