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Touchpoint Analytics Platform

Enhanced Marketing. AI-driven Intelligence. Exceptional Performance and Results.
TAP™ is a custom suite of marketing intelligence and media engagement technologies that empower businesses to truly access every data touchpoint and predict what happens next.

Compatible Data Sources

TAP™ excels at integrating and pulling from an endless ecosystem of data sources, including over 500 advertising and marketing platforms. It’s also possible to perform custom integration with other data sources, as our platform is designed to be adaptive. External or internal Red Cat Interactive has you covered with data.

No More Wasted Potential.

Analyzing  outcomes based on poor data leads to wasted marketing dollars and unrealized potential. Red Cat Interactive offers a solutions platform that unifies, enhances, and engages to deliver data performance  that stands apart from other platforms. Whether your an enterprise or smaller company, and no matter which industry you’re in, or what type of products you may sell, TAP™ delivers data outcomes you can easily understand and act on.

Find business opportunities in your data challenges.

Utilize TAP™ marketing intelligence and touchpoint engagement technologies to provide your  businesses and marketers insights that will deliver strong revenue growth.

Close the loop on your marketing performance for good.

Why limit yourself to  a few items of data when you can make decisions  based on  interpreted  endless data sources. Poor data will not stop your competition —your marketing spend should deliver substantial value to your business.

Our Clients

Our clients are creative, conversion-focused industry leaders.
When they partner with Red Cat, big things happen: faster sales, higher engagement and tangible ROI.

Sound like you?

Client 1 – Cisco
Client 2 – Mailchimp
Client 3 – Pfizer
Client 4 – Juniper
Client 5 – Pioneer
Client 6 – Habitat for Humanity