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A Content Marketing Case Study

ASUS is one of the largest manufacturer of computer hardware, namely desktop computers, laptops, and related technology products.

The ASUS marketing team formulated a content marketing strategy to first create awareness and then build trust among their target audience, which mainly comprises IT professionals. The aim was to help them make informed buying decisions and to keep ASUS at top-of-mind recall while making those decisions.

Campaign Objective

Create content to educate target audience and distribute it across multiple channels.

Method and Execution

To execute its content marketing strategy, ASUS developed a digital content hub called “Tech Revolution” to deliver technical news and technology information to IT decision makers across the Asia Pacific region.

They were able to successfully engage with their target audience through this content marketing hub. The leads generated via Tech Revolution, were routed to their website, based on which sales executives were able to readily connect with consumers.


The content marketing strategy of ASUS was hugely successful in establishing the company as a thought leader. The digital content hub had more than 250 articles with 34 million impressions, 308 link clicks, and was visited by 1,70,000 new web users.

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