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A Marketing Automation Case Study

Alkymi’s mission is to bring automation and risk analytics to capital markets. Their platform turns documents into data and empowers business users to make better decisions.


Alkymi was having trouble identifying its enewsletter subscribers in its sale process, or tie those prospects to a sale.

Campaign Objective

The key campaign objectives would be to target increasing open rates, and identifying new lead opportunities.

Method and Execution

The 1st phase was simple: When a newsletter subscriber clicked through to an article, Eloqua would grab their information and begin to track them.

The 2nd phase was to tag each article  by subject matter, and to use those tags as signals that subscribers may – or may not be – interested in Alkymi. For example, content that was tagged ‘sales enablement’ and ‘performance’ was considered relevant to Alkymi’s sales and product-configuration solution software. Therefore, when a subscriber interacted with content that contained these tags, they were filtered into that relevant lead generation campaign.

The 3rd stage was to conduct content audits that analyzed Alkymi’s newsletters, website, blogs, ebooks and podcasts to look at what content worked best for their readers.

The 4th phase of the marketing automation campaign was to gain a clearer picture of their readers, which they did through progressive profiling. The more a person engaged with Alkymi’s offers, the more information Alkymi would ask them for. For example, on subsequent visits, Alkymi might ask for their company name or size. Once they have that information, more specific information might be requested. The end result is a much more complete picture of the contact.

The final phase was to pursue those leads based on the information that had been gathered.


    • 256% improvement in the campaign open rate.
    • 1941% increase in the click-to-open rate.
    • 1513 potential opportunities identified.
    • An average of 18 new sales leads every week.

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